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18 years old’s penis

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Welcome again to our virtual penis rating place. Today we have another member who wants to be rated.

Few words about this penis:  I am 18 years old and my weight is 125 lbs.  I am 5ft 5in. And I love sex!!!

18 year old male's penis
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As you said, you’re pretty young – only 18 years so it means you will continue to grow a little bit next few years.

The bad thing is that you didn’t sent us several pictures neither said how long you have measured yourself.

From this picture it looks like you’re well build penis’ owner. Only question is about length and girth. Visually it looks about 5 – 5.5 inches long but it’s of course is our guess.

On the other hand – if you said you like sex and have already positive experiences, then we feel you’re okay. And as we said, you still will grow a bit and being active in sex of course will help with this so go and enjoy your sexuality.

By the time you decide you want to spice up something, you can try some penis rims or extenders. The first one will be great experiment in the bed or better yet - experience; the second one will enlarge your penile by 1 – 1.5 inches in 6 month period.

Final word: love what you have, because life is beautiful!

Mrs Z - Small Penis

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Few days ago another interesting person under the name Mrs Z have written to us and sent in interesting collection of his own pictures.

As Mrs Z told us, he is a little bit over 30 years and is almost 6 feet in height and at 160 pounds is feeling quite well. He also tells that he is great at bed and has no sexual problems at all.

Let’s guess what size is his penis before revealing the truth…

big erect penis (to the left) erect penis (to the left) erect penis (to the right)

Okay... now lets look at real size pictures.

big erect penis (to the left)

erect penis (to the left)

erect penis (to the right)

Looks huge and powerful... isn't it?
Well, this penis has firth of 5.5 inches! Amazing! You never guessed that right?

Well, let’s try now for length… how long this penis is? Seven maybe even eight inches? Yeah, probably more like seven.

Hint: 2.5 inches when soft.

Well, the truth: about 5 inches in erect length!

Can't believe - see the pictures here:

erect length 5 inches

erect length

So this is quite interesting.

Anyway, this guy’s saver is the girth of 5.5 inches which is really good for women even if your penis is just as 5 inches long. And as he says himself, he is doing well so no wonders.

As Mrs. Z comments this: “only a small dick”.

Well, situation is not that bad – it can be extended to 6-7 inch size in as little as 6 month using some penis extender device. So heads up!

Ah, and last thing...

small dick and testicles

Testicles seem hanging at different length but know what... this is not a problem, because many man have the same and no problems at all. Pay attention at some pictures where penis is totally erect - the testicles have come up equaly high.

Last word: thanks for pics, and if you feel you need some extra inch in size – get a penis extender.

MF Team

Two small penis pictures

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

In this page you can see two quite small penis pictures.

Small penis - only 4.7 inches

How do you think how long is this penis. To your surprise it is only 4.7 inches long when erect. This penis picture is from Markus, 25 year old male from Europe.

In this picture you can see a little bit bigger penis, about 5.1 inches when erect.

Another small penis picture


Picture #2 of the same object. Another angle.

second picture of 5.1 inch long penis

This subject was only 22 years old. Anyway, at these ages penis is already grown and nothing will change in natural way. Only thing to do something about this is either date *smaller* women or enlarge penis by 1-2 inches.

Please, understand, enlargement is real but takes decent efforts and dedication.

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