9 inches long penis in pictures

Hey Men's FAQ! I am 19 years old, am about 6'1" and weigh approximately 155 pounds.  When flaccid, my penis is about 5.5-6 inches long and when erect, about 9 inches long, with a very slight downward curve.

Girth-wise, I am about 5.75 inches around. I didn't have a ruler handy, so I used an item that everyone can associate a size to, and 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.  The side next to my penis is 8.5 inches.

9 inch penis erect

I am perfectly okay with my penis size, but am scared that it might be too big for the future.  I would love it if you would comment on my size, shape, and looks of my penis as well as my development and post my pictures on your site!  Thanks!

9 inch penis picture from top

Same 9 inch penis only flaccid

From Men’s FAQ: Hello and thank you for sending in the pictures. You’re 19 so your penis is not going to grow much longer as you already have achieved adult size.

As everyone can see from the pictures, you have very good shape, circumcised, shaven penis. Your size is proportional and straight.

Size wise your penis is considered as huge, so you might have to be careful how you pick partners and chose some positions where is bigger length required.

All in all you probably will grow up as Casanova and no girl will be able to forget you!

6 inch penis of 37 year old

Good morning I am 37 years old, 5' 10" tall, 200 lbs. My penis is 7.5" long and 6" in girth. I think I have a good size penis, I haven't had a complaint yet. Maybe I've been lucky that the women I've been with have had 6" or smaller. Or maybe smaller than 6" is more common than over 7", I don't know. I am using weights trying to get to 8" strong, but that's all if it's bigger I may not be able to have hard sex with women.

Erect 6 inch penis

What if I was 8 inches? (I am holding ruler incorrectly just to see how it would look and feel)

Wishing for 8 inch penis

From MensFAQ: First of all, ideal penis size is 10% from your height so no need to push for 8 inches.

You have solid average sized penis so no wonder aren’t complaining. So you definitely don’t need 8 inches. IF you want you can use extender or exercises to go to 7 inches but that should be pretty much it.

Micropenis Facts

A micropenis is also referred to as microphallus.  It involves an unusually small penis that has an average length of less than 2 inches when fully erect, as well as undescended or diminutive testes.  A variety of remedies is available to correct the condition, so that a man can have pleasurable sexual encounters.  Studies reveal that 45% of men prefer to have a larger penis due to concerns about their current penile size.


Medical cases reveal that a lack of prenatal androgen may be the primary cause of a micropenis.  In addition, an imbalance of hormones may also be an underlying factor in its size.  To find out if the organ is too small, a man should take the time to calculate the fully erect length of his penis from the base to the tip.

Negative Effects

With a less than adequate organ, a man's self-confidence levels are drastically reduced and can influence his overall performance in bed.  In order to satisfy a partner, a man will need to possess an adequate size penis; however, when a micropenis is involved, maximum satisfaction is difficult to attain for either partner.

A psychological obsession over penis size can arise in a man that feels inadequate.  Intimate relationships are then put in danger and may lead to a man being withdrawn and insecure in public.  The anxiety that is associated with a micropenis can negatively affect sexual activities.  As a result, erections may be hard to attain or maintain.

Urination is also painful or difficult for a micropenis male.  The inability to urinate can lead to bladder problems, as well as infections.  Remedying the condition helps to avert further medical issues.


Surgeries are typically recommended in order to fix an abnormally small penis at an early age.  In addition, some medical professionals will prescribe hormone injections to trigger additional production within the body.

For adult males, there are surgical procedures that can be administered in order to enlarge the penis.  However, there are also natural remedies such as foods, exercises and penis enlargement programs that can be used to lengthen the penis.  A micropenis is a medical condition that can be treated successfully.

7.5 inches long penis of 24 years old male

Hey there, I'm 24 years old, 1.72m (5'7 1/2") tall and weight about 61kg (134 pound). Penis size flaccid: about 11,5cm (4.5") Penis size erect: about 19cm (7.5")

In one picture you can use my thumb to compare. My thumb is about 2cm (0.8") wide, probably most common thumb size so you can see the proportions. The other erect picture is probably too small.

I have a slight downward curve, you can see it on the pictures.

I feel quite good about my penis, it got described as massive. I'd like to have a little curve upwards but since it's straight and a bit downwards I won't complain.

So what are your thoughts? Would love some feedback.

7.5 inches erect penis (big penis)

7.5 inches long penis - view from top

Flaccid penis of the same guy

From MensFAQ: Thanks for taking time and sending in your pictures.

7.5 inches is around 1 inch above average so you are pretty much in top size group - with big penis.

As per curve – it is really small and actually it could give extra pleasure to women in different positions, e.g. like rear entry. So that is normal and there isn’t much we could add.

Great size, great shape, well kept and tidy. Now go and do some good with it!

7 inch penis of 50 years old male

Please rate my penis, which I really like and enjoy my dick.  It is about 7" went erect and 3" flaccid.  I am a 50 year old who weights about 148lbs.
flaccid penis

Just recently lost my right testicle to cancer but enjoy my penis even now.

Penis with one testicle

From MensFAQ: We are sorry to hear about this but on the other hand you been really lucky you still are alive and have functioning member.

Speaking of your size – 7 inches is considered above average so you been well in size department. Congratulation on that!

As per cosmetic side of things – you might want to check with your surgeon about testicle implant options to make it look like it used to be. While it is not much spoken around, it is pretty popular method these days for these who had lost testicle(s).

All in all – you’re in good shape, we are sure you wont be lost so enjoy what you have!

Possibly 6-6.5 inches long penis of 18 year old

I'm 18 5 foot 8 tight for skin I weight 135.

Erect picture of aprox 6-6.5 inches long penis

Semi erect penis of same male

From MensFAQ: Unfortunately you did not send in any measurements, we will be giving our judgment based on pictures alone. To us it looks like 6 – 6.5 inches. Which is good average size, especially considering your age. Remember, penis can grow up to age of 21-22.

Question from us – is your foreskin fully retractable during erection? It looks tight but we're not sure.

Good looking 5 inches long penis

I am 55 yrs height 5ft 9ins weigh 14 st. My penis is 3ins flaccid and 5ins erect.

I think my penis is ok a good shape but a bit small. Many thanks.

Erect penis - 5 inches long - male 55 years old

55 yeard old penis with foreskin - flaccid penis

From MensFAQ: We have to agree – shape and looks of your penis is excellent and proportional, well developed foreskin. However, you are right - 5 inches is on considered a small penis. Average is 5.5 to 6.5 (so it is not that much smaller).

On the other hand you probably are married and both you and your partner are used to the size you have. So enjoy what you have!

In case you are wondering about possibility to enlarge then considering your age we wouldn’t recommend more than 1 inch enlargement. Ideally, start with half an inch and see how your body adapts and then repeat the course after 12 months for another 1/2 inch.

Information on enlargement is available here.