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Send us your penis photos and we will share our thoughts

If you would like us to rate your penis size, shape and overall development, you're welcome to send your pictures to the email below.
Please, also include extra details about you, like, your age, weight, penis size in flaccid and erect states as well what do you think about your penis size - do you feel Ok about it?

Please make sure you send in both flaccid and erect state pictures. If possible make additional picture to these with ruler or measurement tape so we can see how accurately you have measured yourself.

Please do not send too small pictures as they wont be used on the site for ratings. We don't mind receiving bigger images as our designer can resize them.

Okay, any extra information is up to you!? Like your best / worst compliments from partner? your thoughts of your perfect size you would like to achieve, etc;

MF Team

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