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Send us your penis photos and we will share our (Private Service)

If you would like us to rate your penis size, shape and overall development or discuss sexual issues and insecurities we invite you to use our personal private consulting session.

The consultation is done over email so your privacy is assured. No visits to a doctor or phone calls from us.

Consultation is done in following 3 steps:

1) Prepare details about yourself - age, weight, height, measurements penis size in flaccid and erect states as well as pictures. Also add any questions you might have or concerns - e.g. questions about curvature, foreskin or erection - be it caused from fear of sex or age related. All questions are accepted.

If possible make additional picture to these with ruler or measurement tape so we can see how accurately you have measured yourself.

2) Once you have pictures, you will need to place an order for private consultation here:

Price for the consultation is only $25 (USD).

Consultation Service Discontinued

3) Once payment is completed, please send the invoice ID and all the details and pictures of your penis to following email address:


Our typical response time is 2-3 working days, often faster.

P.S. Please do not send blurry or small pictures.

Dr Arthur & MF Team

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