5’11 African American – 7 Inches

My height is 5’11 and my weight is about 184lbs. I was just wonder if this is small my flaccid is 4.5in and my girth is about 4inches and my erect penis is 7inches exactly and my girth is 5.75-6in I just wanna know what I can do that is natural to increase my girth and length. Also is this an ideal length since, other black american have very long penis that are 10 inches plus.

Mensfaq Respond: With your height being 5’11, 7 penis inches is an ideal length. The reason is that it is very proportional to your height. We suggest using Penomet if you want to increase your girth.

41 -5'10 178lbs don't know measurement but I don't think it falls in the big category
20 yrs old Indian, 6 inch penis