7.3 inch length, 6 inch girth Black Dick

Hello there. I am 24 years old, weighing about 91Kg (I lift weights), 5’10 in height,4-5 inch when flaccid and about 7 inches when erect. Currently, I am still a virgin as we speak and I am not sure if the size of my penis will please any woman I ever come across, so my question is, will the women like my willy? Thank you

MensFAQ.com Respond: Hello, thanks for submitting in your penis pictures.

First of all, having a penis that is 7 inches when it is fully erect is above average in term of length. From the pictures you have provided, we can tell the girth seems to be proportional. As for the curve of your penis, it doesn’t seem to be that straight.

How do you fix this problem?

Well at first are you hanging your penis to one particular side in your pants? Are you masturbating with one preferred hand without changing? If so, try changing up the habit as this can help straighten the penis.

And for your final question.

with a 7 inch thick black dick, I am pretty sure the woman will be pleased with it.

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