7 inch penis – White Caucasian 18 Year Old

Hello, I’m 18 and weigh around 200 or so pounds. I’m 5’11” and I’ve never had sex before. I’m kinda afraid of what my future partner will say about my penis. I was looking for some feedback. My penis is roughly 7 in and has a girth of 5 in while erect. Flaccid it’s about 4 inches and has a girth of 3.7 in.

MensFAQ.com Respond: Hello, thanks for submitting in your pictures.

As a 18 year old, your penis is in excellent length with 7 inches. Your penis will still be growing for 1-2 more years till you’re around 20-22.

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With a 7 inch dick shaven of pubic hair, 80% of the female should be satisfied. So don’t worry about the length because the average length is about 5-6 inches.

18 Year British White Cock Size
7.3 inch length, 6 inch girth Black Dick