8.5 inch penis with pics hard + soft

Me and my partner are very happy with my penis. I’ve only had 2 partners, both saying I have a big penis, which is a real confidence booster! I am 18 years old as of recently, 5’9″ at 150ibs measuring 8.5 inches hard, 6 inches in circumference. Flaccid, I’m sitting at alittle over 6 inches. Having a longer penis makes sex much more interesting and the positions are endless!

From MensFAQ.com: Hello and thank you for submitting your penis pictures. As you’re 18 year old, your penis will still be growing a bit bigger till you achieved adult size at age 20-22.

As shown in the pictures, the shape of the penis is overall: excellent. The area around the penis is shaven, circumcised and proportional straight for such a long penis.

For size wise, your penis is considered pretty long and big. As you’re age 18, you might hit 9 inches hard by age 20. So you might want to be careful and not hurt your partners.

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