8 Inch Erect Penis – Your Opinions Specifically on Foreskin Please

So it’s slightly over 8 inches (measured from the top as I believe is what your meant to do but i may be wrong). It’s 5.5 inches flaccid. It has recently been pointed out to me that this is in fact quite large & i’m quite happy with it my self. one problem is as you can see, my foreskin doesn’t retract fully on it’s own. I can however pull it back behind the head if I really go for it (it’s not particularly comfortable though). what’s slightly worrying is that the vast majority of people I’ve seen can retract fully with out any trouble. So i’m basically asking whether this is a big problem but other comments are also welcome. Thanks in advance.

P.S – Sorry if the second one’s a little blurry. The first one might be of more use.

MensFaq Respond: If you have no pain or itchiness, your foreskin should be fine. Pulling foreskin back every few days can loosen it. As, I don’t know your age, I can’t see any problem with your penis. With a 8 inches penis it is consider big.

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