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19 year old 5.8 inch Asian penis

I’m just wondering if my penis is considered too small and will it still grow anymore??? I’ve have been worried that it’s been small compared to others. Age: 19 Weight: 68 kg Height: 1.65 m Flaccid State: 3...

41 year old semi erect 5 inch penis

I am 41 years old and 225lbs. My flaccid penis is three inches, semi erect is about 5 inches and fully erect is about six inches. How does it look appearance wise?

21 year old caucasian dick

always wondered if my size was good. about 6 inches in length. a little self conscious of my curved dick.

Big white Men cock

Im 23 6’3″ 150lbs Its bout 5.5″on soft and 9″on hard and its about 2″ wide. Please let me kno wat yall think.

8 inch penis

I am a 18 year old male 6’1 about 200lbs My penis is 8 inches when erect. I am pleased with my penis size.

20 year old Asian(Chinese) uncut penis (erect and flaccid)

Hello all, I am Asian (Chinese) and i am 20 years old this year. I am around 5’8” and 5’9”ish and weigh approx 65 kg. I am actually curious as to the standard of the length of my penis on how it measures...

9-10 inches Caucasian Long Penis

Here is the photos of my very long white penis(9 inches). Being a white guy, having the length of 9inch -(possibly 10 inches as I am 18 year old). As you can see my penis is not only long, but with a thickness in the girth. I am...

24 Year Old – German Penis 7.5 inches long

I’ve heard from a few girls that my cock is “huge” but I don’t really think they mean it, considering what I see from porn. This one girl really made it a point to ask if it gets bigger and couldn’t...

5’8 with a 7in black penis

Hey, I’m 5’8, 185lbs, and muscular. My flaccid penis is 4.5in in length and fully erect I am sometimes a little more then 7in and 5.8in in girth. I’ve seen and read about extenders, and would like to try to make...

Am I big enough? Or should I go bigger?

I have been using a penis pump and have seen a difference, but found out I can take pills, has anyone taken pills to go bigger? And is it safe? If you notice a big difference after using the Penis Pump, just stick with it. You...