4 inches curved penis

Curved 4 inch penis

An email from anonymous person:

What do you think my size? Curve? What can I do to straighten it out or make it longer? I’m a student and can’t afford to buy anything now or to get on any plans, but something as simple as jerking with my left hand instead would be helpful.

Curved 4 inch penis

From MensFAQ: Hello there, thanks for being brave and sending through your photos.

What we can see here is quite severe case of penis curvature from puberty times.

Curved penis - in erect state
Penis with ruler

What to do – of course, you can try to use your other hand, but the period from 12-13 to early 18-teen is period where the growth and changes happens most so now at 21 it will be quite hard and nearly impossible to change this in manual way (aka exercises).

Only realistic solution here is penis extender. Then in 6 months you could expect straightening penis significantly as well achieving 1.5 – 2 inch stretching in length and of course – the sooner you do this, the better for your sex life and self confidence. It wont be easy, but it is doable and been done by 1000’s of people before.

As you said, you cannot afford to invest in this, then best option is to switch hands and to try to wear you penis in opposite direction in pants during the day than you do now.

If you however decide to go for device, have a look at Phallosan, they have as cheap as $200 to get you going. I suggest talking to your parents, it could help with the issue. Don’t waste your youth, take action in one way or another.

Tip: shave your pubic hair and your penis will look bigger.

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