4.2 inches long Asian penis

picture of an asians penis

Hi, I am a 30yr old Asian. I think I am on the small side, even for my ethnicity. My penis is 2-3 inches flaccid (sometimes even1.5 inches only when I’m really anxious about something).

It is around 4.2 inches erect. I’m 5’7″ tall and weigh 145lbs. I have a fairly active sex life. What do you think?

picture of an asians penis

another look at erect penis

Semi erect Asian penis

What do we think?

First of all active sex live is good for you, for general health and happiness. So keep it up! It is not always about the size, often it is what you do with it.

Speaking of flaccid size – well, it is normal considering your weight and height.

Erect penis length – well, here you are right. 4.2 erect is quite small. Have you considered penis enlargement say with exercises or extenders?

Another comment – it seems that you have rather strangely attached foreskin. Have you spoken about this to your doctor? Possibly a little 30 minute procedure could fix this.

Asian penis with strange foreskin

Also have you thought of trimming your pubic hair?

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