4.75 inches long penis of 40 years old male

Erect penis - 4.75 inches long

Details about me – age: 40, weight:  265lbs, penis size in flaccid 2 inches, erect state 4.75 inches.

What do I think about my penis size? I wish it was bigger.

Do you feel Ok about it? I do feel ok about it.
Erect penis - 4.75 inches long

From MensFAQ: Thank you for sending in your pictures.

As you stated yourself your penis is only 4.75 inches long. While average size is 5.5 – 6.3 inches and your penis is nearly an inch below this minimum size and hence is considered as a small penis.

Small penis

Can you do something about it – definitely!

Semi erect penis - 4 inches long

First thing I’d like to outline is your body weight which makes your penis to look smaller. We would strongly suggest you to lose some of this weight. Not only it will make you look fitter, but also will reduce risks of heart disease, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Flaccid penis - 2 inches long flaccid

On top of that – being fit will allow you to be a better love maker in the bedroom and get most out of your current penis size.

The second thing – it is time to enlarge your penis. We would suggest using the full SizeGenetics system, that comes with exercise program. This way you will be able to lengthen your penis with the device, and also increase girth and shape with exercises.

In a period of 3-4 months you should be able to hit the 5.5 inches in length. Possibly you could achieve 6 inches of erect length in period of 6 months.

Another reason why we do recommend SizeGenetics to our readers is because you can get your money back. If you send them in your before and after pictures, similar to ones you sent us, then they will refund your purchase by sending you a cheque. Don’t worry, your name will not appear online with the pictures.

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5 inches small curved Asian penis
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