5.5 inches big willy

Hey mens Faqs. I am 19 years old I weigh 140 pds and 6 ft tall.

Penis size: Flaccid state is 2.5″ Erect roughly 5.5″ Girth 12cm (4.9inch) which I just measured other day with string.  You can see estimate in size as you can see in one of the pics my penis doesn’t pass my belly button which is  6″ to reach.  Always was curious on what others think. Please give positive and negative points!

Hello there. About where you stand is simple – you are in the average penis size gap, but it is lover end. On the other hand, you are 19 years old, so the sooner and the more sex you will have, the bigger chances your penis will naturally grow another half of an inch.

It is true only while you are under 21 so you could potentially get it bigger and longer if you are active in sex life.

About positive – your penis seems well cut and shaped, is clean, so you should not have problems form this point of view.

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