6.5 inch long penis of 33 year old male

Erect penis of 33 years old male - 6.5 inches long

I’m 33, 5’9″, 3″ flaccid, 6.5 erect and yeah I like my size.

I am comfortable with my size although I might want to go bigger.
Erect penis of 33 years old male - 6.5 inches long

Flaccid penis 3 inches long only - hairy penis

MF Comments: Thanks for sending in your pictures.

The flaccid picture looks believable and probably is solid 3 inches long when erect. However, if we look at erect picture, it is hard to determinate how long it is due the angle and lots of hair.

This typical hairy penis could be made look a lot younger and more impressive if it was properly shaved. Not only your penis will be looking bigger but also your partner will be happier to play with it.

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