6inch erect, 4 inch flaccid penis

4 inch flacid penis

Let’s begin – the first one for today is 19 year old male.

In his words: “hi, im 19 this is a pic of my flaccid penis with is about 4 in and 6 in on erect im 6’2 and weigh 70kg please rate it and get back to me”

4 inch flacid penis

If we look at picture, being 4 inches flaccid is nice as it is bigger than average males. Especially great this is for places like showers where you can show up being already 4 inches at flaccid. On the other hand, your penis of 6 inches erect could be bigger considering your height. Ideally, 6.5 to 7 inches would be the ideal range.

On the other hand, you are still only 19, so if you keep good diet and healthy lifestyle and sex life, your penis will continue to grow a bit till age of 21 – 22 so you have chances of reaching 6.5 mark by that time.

It is advised to have regular intercourse and to try to keep your masturbation sessions from 15-20 minutes and above. This will ensure your penis stretches and has all the necessary blood circulation for the growth.

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