7 inch penis of 50 years old male

7inch flaccid penis

Please rate my penis, which I really like and enjoy my dick.  It is about 7″ went erect and 3″ flaccid.  I am a 50 year old who weights about 148lbs.
7inch flaccid penis

Just recently lost my right testicle to cancer but enjoy my penis even now.

Penis with one testicle

From MensFAQ: We are sorry to hear about this but on the other hand you been really lucky you still are alive and have functioning member.

Speaking of your size – 7 inches is considered above average so you been well in size department. Congratulation on that!

As per cosmetic side of things – you might want to check with your surgeon about testicle implant options to make it look like it used to be. While it is not much spoken around, it is pretty popular method these days for these who had lost testicle(s).

All in all – you’re in good shape, we are sure you wont be lost so enjoy what you have!

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