7 inches long but thin penis

thin 7 inches long  penis picture

After longer break we start again to rate pictures, this time this 7 inch long penis.

thin 7 inches long  penis picture
As you can see in picture, it really could be 7 inches.

Read what the owner of the picture has written:

He says – I am quite happy with my penis and have been told by some women that it is

He is:
Age: 32
Weight: 70kg
Length flaccid: 5 inch
Length erect: 7 inch

Owner seems to be at the best age man can be and his penis is living up to him. What maybe seems inadequate in the picture is the diameter of his penis. It is quite thin compared to the length.

We assume that probably about half to 1in for girth could be added easily and would improve the quality of the sex even more. At the age of 30+ usually women also have given birth and their vagina is stretched a little bit wider so an extra girth is always handy.

The enlargement could be achieved using some good quality penis pump. Probably in a 3-6 month time the results would make your women go WOW!
Good luck and thanks for sending picture!

7 inches long, 5-6 in girth - good penis
Thank you for your pictures