7 inches long penis with little curve

Curved, 7 inches long erect penis

Hello. I am a 23-year-old white male. I weigh 150 lbs and am 6 ft. tall. My penis is about 4.5 inches flaccid and 6.8-7 inches erect, with an erect girth of 5.7 inches.

I am content with my penis size and have only received positive comments about it, although a little bigger couldn’t hurt. I find it to be proportional, yet when erect it tends to curve to the left a bit.

Curved, 7 inches long erect penis

same penis picture, just from another angle

Flaccid penis (7 inches erect, 4 flaccid)

Hello to you too.

Your penis size is above average so no wonder girls are giving positive comments. It also looks well kept and well developed. Regarding the curve – there is possibly way to straighten a bit.

In your case probably it is not worth wearing an extender as your penis already quite big and curve is not massive.

One of things to think about is how you keep your penis in your pants. If you keep it on the left side, then might be good idea trying to keep it in the opposite side. It will not get you fast results but in 12-24 months you could straighten your penis using this simple method. Good luck.

7in long and 6 and half tick penis
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