7.5 inches at age of 25

7 inches penis picture

Men’s FAQ,

I’m 25 years old, 6’3″ and about 190lbs. I’m around 7 and 1/2 inches long erect and I never measure myself flaccid because… well, who cares?
I’ve never had a complaint about my size, but I always wonder about my shape. It curves to the left (stage left, of course) and I’m not sure if that’s beneficial.

I would love any feedback.

7 inches penis picture

penis picture from profile

Another penis picture from profile

7.5 inches from the bottom

penis picture (full height)

penis with measurement tape - 7.5 inches long

Hello and thanks for sending in your pictures.

As we all can see you’re young, strong, well built bloke. Your penis in pictures looks well developed, in good shape and proportions. In a way you have so called ideal penis size, which is around 10% from ones height.

Speaking of your curvature – it seems like developed due how you were positioning your penis in your pants. It could be good idea to try to change sides. Unfortunately you’re out of puberty so the process won’t happen quickly and will take quite some time.

On the bright side – the curvature is fairly small so it shouldn’t be a big issue especially in long term relationships. Many women prefer a bit of surprise to get these extra sensations. Try positions where she lies on one side. This way you could stimulate g-spot with ease.

So all in all, you’re good to go and enjoy your life!

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