7in long and 6 and half tick penis

7 inches long when erect (sometimes less)

I am 37 years of age. My weight is 220lbs, 6ft tall, cut & neatly trimmed in the right mood been up to 7in long; however average 6 1/2 inches and usually 6 1/2 thick. I like what I got and love to show it off. Sorry do not have a ruler for pictures.

7 inches long when erect (sometimes less)

Around 7 inches long and 6 and 1/2 in girth.

Same penis but in flaccid state - still looks huge
Quick summary: As you can see from our galleries – man have different sizes, shapes and forms of penises. However this guy is above average in length and girth and he has everything one would need to satisfy theirs partner.

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7 inches long penis with little curve