7 inches long, 5-6 in girth – good penis

Penis is 7 inches long and girth is 5 to 6 inches

In his own words: I’m in my mid 20s, am 6 feet tall and weigh around 175.  My penis is 7″ long measured from the top and over 8″ from the bottom, due to an upward curve. My girth is between 5.5 to 6″. My flaccid state is between 3 and 4″ and not very thick.

Penis is 7 inches long and girth is 5 to 6 inches

I would say I’m a “grower”, not a “shower”. This caused some problems for me when I was younger. Any guy friends of mine who saw my penis when I was changing thought I wasn’t packing much and gave me grief for it.

Once I started having sex, though, I got compliments on my size (especially girth). I think it’s a good size; big enough to fill up most women and not so big as to scare or hurt smaller ladies.

MF notes: What else we can say – congratulations! Enjoy your sex life! Your penis is in pretty ideal shape and size so enjoy it and share it with women.

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7 inches long but thin penis