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Totally funny pictures of penises of all kind, starting from cartoon penises down to penis – momie! Remember – you are welcome to send in your picture as well, and don’t forget to add some little story to make it even funnier!

Big Big Mr. Johnson

We had this very strange picture sent in. Due the bad quality it suggests it is fake but still, what you see is probably 11 – 12 inches and that’s way too much for any women.

Big African Penis?

This is another interesting picture made up to have fun about myths about Africa.Ofcourse, picture is made up.

British Penis

This picture reminds me of British tea ads. Where older man drinks tea. Or maybe Dr. Watson was somehow related in looks to this pics. Well, you are one to make the judgement. But I will say… Good evening, Sir!

Penis in Cuba?

This is a real cool guy… the Cubian penis…  Smoookeeeeyyy….

Mexican Penis

Sambrero and laso describes a natural mexican guy. And here he goes personally and specially for you…. 

Japan Penis

Well.. it is not what you have tought in school…  Shhh… next time you meet some Japan guy.. don’t tell them that you know the truth… maybe they are small.. but they know Karate and could kick your...

Jamaician Penis

This is one interesting guy in the picture… I bet you can recognize him…  This is mister Jamaica… well built Jamaician buddy … with XXL size shoes!

Israel Penis

Many might think that in Israel is no sex. Well – you are wrong and now you have the only chance to see how it is in real world. Let’s welcome and Mr. Penis from Israel!! Clap clap clap… 

German Penis

Ah, these nice German guys who sign like gnomes, however once again – there are some things about them you probably don’t know! By the way, you might hear that German Penises Can’t Fill The Average Condom. Fact...

French Penis

Paris, Louvre Museum, musicans and artists are all around. You like the polite French man who will do everything to please a women. However, there are some shocking truth about their penises. Meet one of them right...