Foreskin Problem – Two Pictures

Picture of tight foreskin in semi erect state

In this page you can see how looks penis with tight foreskin.

See picture #01

Picture of tight foreskin in semi erect state


There you can see almost erect penis but the foreskin is tight and don’t uncovers the head of penis. This is quite common problem especially for young man who haven’t experienced any or have little sex experience. Usually this leads to psyhological problems.

Picture #02

Another picture of tight foreskin

Here you can see fully erect penis and the foreskin uncovers about 50% of penis head. This is even more common problem.

Usually such situations can be fixed within 2-4 month time using manual method designed by Dr. Arturs Vavere from Men’s Sexual Health Institute.

Foreskin - view from bottom
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