Funny Sex Positions


Hey for these who are new to sex finally have a chance to learn about sex positions in easy and simple way – through these drawings. Total of 9 positions or let’s say ideas for sex. Let’s begin.

Solo or masturbation.


Heavy petting or simply petting.

Heavy Petting

Follow this link to see all 9 positions at once.

Now womens turn to please man giving hand job.

Hand Job position

And after handjob – one blow job.

Blow Job Possition

Men was pleased and now he makes women to feel awesome… while he eating her

Awesome Position

Not bad for begining…

Now time for missionary.. oh, yes!



And some rear entry too…

Rear Entry

And some riding… why not?

Ride It

and if you really really want it – you can do also standing up position!

Standing Up



All these funny pictures of sex positions was created by: Kait Jarbeau