Hairy, small 5.5 in penis

flacid penis picture

Hairy, small 5.5 in penis

In his own words: “I am 25, fairly good health, sexually active.  My penis is about 3 in soft, only about 5.5 in erect and a little over 2 in wide. Adding to the fact that I am small, I am also very hairy which is the main thing that bothers me.”

flacid penis picture - from front

This is front view of his flaccid penis. As we can see, this guy is really hairy. Not only penis is hairy, but the whole body.

flacid penis - view from another side

This is another front view, just from different angle. In current picture and actually in the picture above we can see that despite the hairy body, penis itself is clean and in pretty healthy condition. Penis skin and head are in good color and shape. Maybe a little curve in flaccid state, however it is really tinny one.

penis - view from top

This is view from top to bottom. Again, we can see very hairy body (especially legs). Also we can notice penis curve in this picture with tendency to the right. Despite that, in erection state its almost straight and is good for good sexual activities.

erect penis picture - 5.5 inches

This is erect picture of his penis. As you can see it is almost straight, a little penis head deformation but hey, who don’t have that? Anyway, this photo also clearly shows that his penis is really is just 5.5 inches. While its okay and above average Asian penis size which 4.9 – 5.1 in when erect, you still could have a little bit bigger penis (say, extra inch will be enough to line up with a solid work-penis). This way it would compensate your height and also would distinct penis away from pubic hair.

Another tip – don’t be afraid of pubic hair – just remove them. There are lots of cheap hair cutting machines you could use to trim your erotic zone to a size of very little 1/5 in. This way it would look more appealing to women, easier to give oral sex and so much more fun. Of course, if you are brave, you could trim all your pubic hair around penis and testicles and have interesting experience. Remember, cutting hair down there is as normal as shaving. Simply, some man have to, some don’t.

And sorry if we sound rude – but little manicure wouldn’t hurt as well. This way you would be one great gentleman.

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Good luck!

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