Micropenis Facts

A micropenis is also referred to as microphallus.  It involves an unusually small penis that has an average length of less than 2 inches when fully erect, as well as undescended or diminutive testes.  A variety of remedies is available to correct the condition, so that a man can have pleasurable sexual encounters.  Studies reveal that 45% of men prefer to have a larger penis due to concerns about their current penile size.


Medical cases reveal that a lack of prenatal androgen may be the primary cause of a micropenis.  In addition, an imbalance of hormones may also be an underlying factor in its size.  To find out if the organ is too small, a man should take the time to calculate the fully erect length of his penis from the base to the tip.

Negative Effects

With a less than adequate organ, a man’s self-confidence levels are drastically reduced and can influence his overall performance in bed.  In order to satisfy a partner, a man will need to possess an adequate size penis; however, when a micropenis is involved, maximum satisfaction is difficult to attain for either partner.

A psychological obsession over penis size can arise in a man that feels inadequate.  Intimate relationships are then put in danger and may lead to a man being withdrawn and insecure in public.  The anxiety that is associated with a micropenis can negatively affect sexual activities.  As a result, erections may be hard to attain or maintain.

Urination is also painful or difficult for a micropenis male.  The inability to urinate can lead to bladder problems, as well as infections.  Remedying the condition helps to avert further medical issues.


Surgeries are typically recommended in order to fix an abnormally small penis at an early age.  In addition, some medical professionals will prescribe hormone injections to trigger additional production within the body.

For adult males, there are surgical procedures that can be administered in order to enlarge the penis.  However, there are also natural remedies such as foods, exercises and penis enlargement programs that can be used to lengthen the penis.  A micropenis is a medical condition that can be treated successfully.

6 inch penis of 37 year old
7.5 inches long penis of 24 years old male