Mr. X penis picture

6 inch penis photo

In this time we have a solid gentleman sent in his photo. Mr. X is 5’9″ feet tall and weights about 150 lbs.

Taking this information all together plus picture of body – looks like one healthy male.

6 inch penis photo

His penis size is about 6 inches (15,25cm) long when erect. If we look from perspective of penis vs. body then in general its quite proportional and falls into the category of the 5.5 to 6.5 inches which is considered as average size. However, ideal size of ones penis at this height would be about 10% +/- 1/2 inch of body height (so 5’9″ is about 69 inches and ideal size of pens would be like 6,9 +/1 1/2 inch). Basically he is close to that size and is considered as normally developed male.

p.s. Mr. X also wrote: “My favorite sex act is a slow hand job given by talented hands“… what can we say… good choice!

We think he is normal, happy male! Of course as age comes the little extra in size is interesting thing but thats optional this time. Good luck and have fun in sex!

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