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If you would like us to rate your penis size, shape and overall development. The consultation is done over email so your privacy is assured. No visits to a doctor or phone calls from us. Consultation is done in following 3...

Funny Sex Positions

Hey for these who are new to sex finally have a chance to learn about sex positions in easy and simple way – through these drawings. Total of 9 positions or let’s say ideas for sex. Let’s begin. Solo or...

Rate My Penis Nr.1

Congratulations to first brave guy who decided to get some objective review from us and also from you our readers. This guy describes himself as following: “I weight 175, im 5’9 and have blonde hair and blue eyes. Im...

Big African Penis?

This is another interesting picture made up to have fun about myths about Africa.Ofcourse, picture is made up.

Another Flacid Penis

There you can see another model and his penis in almost flacid stateForeskin is pulled back and penis looks healty.The same, almost flacid penis, from bottom.

Flacid penis with foreskin

This picture demonstrates flacid penis with foreskin. It almost covers penis head.Subject is 25 years old. In this picture it seems normal however in erect state it gives problem pulling foreskin back.

Two small penis pictures

In this page you can see two quite small penis pictures.How do you think how long is this penis. To your surprise it is only 4.7 inches long when erect. This penis picture is from Markus, 25 year old male from Europe. In this...

Foreskin – view from bottom

This picture demonstrates uncut foreskin. Picture shows pulled back foreskin from bottom.As you can see foreskin is pulled over penis head and even couple milimeters farer.

Foreskin Problem – Two Pictures

In this page you can see how looks penis with tight foreskin. See picture #01  There you can see almost erect penis but the foreskin is tight and don’t uncovers the head of penis. This is quite common problem...