Penis Pictures of Mr. A

penis in jeans

This is another section’s Rate-My-Penis member. We will call him simply Mr. A.

His pictures are pretty specific to all we have seen so far as hi has specifically curved penis.

This is how it looks like when in jeans.

penis in jeans

another view on penis from jeans

As you can see this penis has pretty interesting curvature – like its curved two sides at the same time. And this is view from top.

penis view from top

And this is the same penis from profile view. Again interesting angles can be noticed in penis shape.

penis from profile

Is this penis normal – more or less it is. Because its not curved that much and could give nice pleasure for woman in decent positions.

Lets look on testicles. They look normal. Maybe they could be shaved but its up to you to trim or not your pubic hair.

unshaved testicles
But in case you’re worried a lot – then you can use penis extender to stretch it longer and straighten curvature as well. Of course, it’s not very likely it will be perfectly straight but the major tendency could be improved a lot.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more information about this individual, we hope he is doing well and not avoiding sexual relationships because of his penis form and shape.

p.s. size to seems to be average.

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