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Congratulations to first brave guy who decided to get some objective review from us and also from you our readers.

This guy describes himself as following:

“I weight 175, im 5’9 and have blonde hair and blue eyes. Im very good in bed and my penis is 6.75 in length and 5.5″ in girth.”

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Big Penis Picture - Rate My Penis Member

His penis size is also a little bit above average and quite well hits the proportion of 10% of body +/- half inch. Very important aspect is his girth and plays very serious role in sex and satisfying their partner. Basically 5+ till 6″ are one of best size for girth.

So basically this penis seems to be quite close to ideal one and if you use it properly, no premature ejaculation or erectile disfunction then you’re really happy man!

p.s. maybe consider to trim pubic hair and get some sun to make you even more apealing to partner.

Good luck with your penis ventures!

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