Two small penis pictures

Small penis - only 4.7 inches

In this page you can see two quite small penis pictures.

Small penis - only 4.7 inches

How do you think how long is this penis. To your surprise it is only 4.7 inches long when erect. This penis picture is from Markus, 25 year old male from Europe.

In this picture you can see a little bit bigger penis, about 5.1 inches when erect.

Another small penis picture


Picture #2 of the same object. Another angle.

second picture of 5.1 inch long penis

This subject was only 22 years old. Anyway, at these ages penis is already grown and nothing will change in natural way. Only thing to do something about this is either date *smaller* women or enlarge penis by 1-2 inches.

Please, understand, enlargement is real but takes decent efforts and dedication.

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Flacid penis with foreskin
Foreskin - view from bottom