Very curved penis of 19 years old male

Curved penis - in erect state

I am 19 years old about 6’1 and 195 pounds.

I am very optimistic about it. My penis is around 6-6.5 inches in length.

Please post my pics thank you.

Curved penis - in erect state

Picture of bent penis in erect state

bent penis - view from the top

Another view from top of same curvature.

Flaccid curved penis picture

Penis remains bent even in the flaccid state.
From MensFAQ: Thank you for sending in your pictures.

This time I will skip talks about average size but will cut straight to the point.

You have nearly 90 degree curve in your penis. You should consider immediately wearing a straightening device while you still in your teen years. The sooner you will start the better chances of straightening the curve.

You are only 19 and you have all the 20-ties ahead of rich sex life so we strongly advise to get on using penis extender to lessen the curvature. It is not cheap, and it will take you 6-12 months to see results.

We are recommending this also for another reason – you can get full refund if you send in pictures just like you did now. Just make sure you follow their instructions for before – after pictures.

All in all using the device will change your life to the better side.

P.S. for other readers – see this link for causes of penis curvature.

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5.5 inches long and 4.5 in girth
Over 7 inches long penis with little curve