Most Complete Guide on How to Increase Penis Size

There are literally hundreds of debates, discussions and opinions about penis size, penis enlargement pills and even penis enlargement surgery. The opinions are shared and everyone tries to provide good arguments that either you can increase penis size or that penis enlargement techniques are not effective at all. What’s actually the truth?

Well, the truth is that you can increase penis size. Yes, you read it right, you actually CAN increase penis size. However, don’t expect that all penis enlargement methods or techniques are efficient. You have to educate yourself well before spending money on various penis enlargement products.

Why penis size matters?

Good question. Although many people live with the idea that a big penis is not really necessary to satisfy a woman, you definitely know deep within your mind that a couple of extra inches on your penis wouldn’t hurt anyone. The truth is that most woman are really aroused by a larger penis. Also, if you have confidence issues when it comes to your penis size then it really matters to you.

Let’s try a small imagination exercise. If you trace the penis size idea back a couple thousand years ago then you will find out that penis size was very important back in the days. Why? Simply because a larger penis would have been able to release the sperm deeper into a woman’s vagina. As a result, the chances of having a child would have been greater. Furthermore, this would have meant the continuation of the human species . A male who can procreate easily and ensure the continuation of the species was considered to be an alpha male in the eyes of the ladies.


Although today we no longer live like thousand years ago, some basic principles still remain. A small shaft give the impression of a beta male, someone who is not confident enough and who has no power. Sex might happen, but it would not be a mind-blowing intercourse spiced up with multiple orgasms, screams and wet beddings. On the other hand, displaying a large shaft actually prepares women for the best. They immediately get aroused only by looking at it and as a result, the sex is always better, hotter and more pleasurable.

Additionally, wouldn’t you feel more confident and better knowing that you have an 8+ inch dick in your pants? If you are ever fired from your current workplace, you know that you would totally be a rock star in porn movies with a package like that.

What methods are efficient when it comes to increasing the size of your penis?

First of all, let’s separate penis enlargement methods intro 3 big categories:

Penis enlargement pumps.

You probably have already heard about such devices. Pumps like Penomet basically help stretching your penis in a safe way and in the long run, it will make it longer and thicker. The principle behind this is
simple. The vacuum pumps will improve circulation and blood flow in your shaft and if you use them every day, you will see significant and permanent results over time.


The best time to perform such exercises using vacuum pumps is when you take a shower. Under the hot water, your shaft is completely relaxed and the veins and arteries in your body are dilated, allowing more blood to flow through. Make sure that you follow the instructions which came with your vacuum pump and always do the exercises in a safe and comfortable manner.

Penis enlargement exercises.

These are some of the most efficient ways to increase the size of your shaft. Why penis enlargement exercises are so efficient, you might say. Well, think about the fact that your body is an organic and ever-changing system. It is very complex and fragile at the same time. You can only enhance your body and improve it as well as your health using natural methods.

Best Ab Workout for Men to Get Six Pack Abs

For example, you don’t know that your body can build more muscle until you go to the gym. Physical exercise in combination with the right foods (vegetables, legumes, high-quality meats and protein shakes) and with oxygen stimulate the body to produce muscle cells. Of course, this happens over time, but it HAPPENS!

The story is very similar in the case of penis enlargement exercises as well. By performing the right exercises, in the right conditions and for a certain amount of time, you will see results. You just have to be patient and persevere.

Why penis enlargement exercises work and are the results permanent?

You might be happy to know that penis enlargement exercises are efficient for most people and when they are combined with the right penis enlargement pills and supplements, the results are mind-blowing!

Let’s discuss a bit about penis enlargement exercises. There are many of them and they encompass multiple variations, but they basically focus on the same principle. The shaft is filled with blood vessels and by gently stimulating the penis, more blood flow will pass through. This means that more oxygen and nutrients are carried towards the top of the shaft, enlarging the blood vessels and surrounding tissues.

If more blood enters the penis then automatically the shaft will become larger, thicker and stronger. Most penis enlargement exercises are done by externally stimulating the shaft, right on the skin. Jelqing and stretching are good examples in this case. The skin will also grow thanks to a natural body process called mitosis. Basically, when skin is stretched, its cells divide and in the long run, the skin becomes more elastic and longer.

Best of all, the results are permanent. If you are a 1.8 feet individual now, you will stay like this until the end of your life. Body doesn’t simply retract or “ungrow”, so you shouldn’t be worried that after you have finished the penis enlargement exercises, your penis size will decrease.

Penis enlargement exercises routinepenis_exercise_pyramid

In this article you will get acquainted with various penis enlargement exercises and useful instruction on how to perform them. However, it is very important to keep in mind that these exercises should be performed gently and in a comfortable manner. Stop immediately if you feel pain. Stop if you feel discomfort and resume after a few days. Your shaft is more precious than anything and it is a fragile organ, so treat it right and it will give you mind-blowing orgasms in the future.

Warm up

Yes, penis enlargement exercises are just like fitness exercises or workout routines you do at the gym, only that you have to be extra careful. You start by performing a quick warm up, to prepare your shaft for the actual exercises. You can warm up your penis by soaking a towel into hot water. Remove the excess hot water by wiring the towel over a sink and then apply it on your shaft and testies. Make sure it is comfortably warm, not hot. Keep it like this for 2 minutes.

Remove the towel and wait a couple of seconds then repeat the ritual 2 more times for a total of 6-7 minutes. That’s the warm-up and it should be done before each penis enlargement exercise routine. It will prevent injuries and enhance the effectiveness of the exercises.

Cool down

Obviously, after ending your penis enlargement exercise routine, you need to cool down your penis. This will help it relax even more and keep it healthy. You can cool down your penis by gently massaging it for a few minutes when the shaft is in a flaccid state. You can also perform the warm up ritual to cool down your penis as well.

Penis enlargement pills and supplements.

There are many types of pills and natural supplements out there on the market today. Although not all of them are efficient, you need to keep an open mind when it comes to this subject. Let’s take it logically. If you drink a beverage full of vitamins, proteins, probiotics and nutrients then you will feel great the entire day, right? Well, similarly, if you take the right pills, your penis is more prone to grow bigger and larger. vigrx-plus-doctors-recommended

Scientists and experts all over the world have discovered miraculous herbs and ingredients that grow only on certain parts of the planet. They have taken those ingredients and crafted special pills like VIGRX Plus which will rejuvenate your entire body and help your penis increase. A good rule of thumb is that high-quality penis enlargement pills and supplements will make your penis grow 1 centimeter (2/5 inches) longer each month.

Think about it, in less than an year, your willy will gain more than 2 inches in size and your erections as well as your sexual life will improve. Penis enlargement pills and supplements that focus on natural ingredients and herbs can help you get the results you want.

Penis Size Increase Exercises

There are many exercises that you can try to increase your size. Some works better for you than the other one. Below are some of the most common penis exercise.

Penis Enlargement Exercise #1: PC muscle contraction

The first penis enlargement exercise focus on the contraction and relaxation of the PC muscle. Other exercises that involve the PC muscle will be presented in this article as well. The PC muscle is located somewhere between your scrotum and your anus and it is not very difficult to control. To get a feel of this muscle, next time when you urinate try to stop the flow for a second. That is the PC muscle. That is the muscle you should focus on to increase the size of your penis.


Try to contract and relax your PC muscle each day and you will experience a lot of benefits. Although there is no limit when it comes to contractions and relaxations, try to do it for 25 times to have a sense of progress. Also, aim for 4 or 5 sets like this a day. If this is too much, try 15 repetitions at first. This will also help you control your ejaculation too.

Penis enlargement exercise #2: Contract and breathe

After you have tried simple contractions and relaxations of your PC muscle for about a week or two, you might want to include another type of exercise in your routine. First of all, make sure that you can easily breathe in and out and try to direct the air deep into your belly. Basically, put a book or your mobile phone on your belly and as you breathe, make sure you lift your stomach as well as the book or phone.

The exercise itself consists of contracting your PC muscle as much as you can and holding your breath. Do this for 20 seconds and the slowly release the air out of your lungs and relax your PC muscle. You can do this 10 times, 20 times, as much as you feel comfortable. Once you become accustomed with this exercise, you can hold your breath for 30 seconds or even a minute while keeping the PC muscle contracted all the way.

Penis enlargement exercise #3: Stretching your penis

Stretching your penis is also a good way to increase its length. This exercise is golden if you want to gain a couple of inches in your penis size in the next months. Before starting, it is crucial that you lubricate your penis well. If you skip this step, you are prone to ugly accidents and injuries. Apply a generous amount of lubrication on your penis and circle it with your index finger and thumb, forming the OK sign, just below the head of the penis.

Now you want to stretch the penis in all directions, upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right while keeping it stretched. You can also rotate it a few times clockwise and a couple of times counterclockwise. Do this for several minutes and re-apply lubrication if necessary.

Penis enlargement exercise #4: Stretching and slapping your penis

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve hitting your penis. This exercise is a little bit more advanced and it should be done after you are completely comfortable with the previous one. Basically, after you have performed the rotation routine as explained in the previous exercises, all that you have to do now is to slap it a few times towards your left leg and a few times towards your right leg. Aim for 10 slaps each. Make sure that you do this carefully and that your shaft is well-lubricated. This exercise will help the blood flow get into your penis even deeper.

Penis enlargement exercise #5: Wet jelqing

Jelqing is another excellent exercise that can work wonders on your penis. You should perform it while your shaft is erect, but not completely erect. You might feel the urge to ejaculate while doing this exercise, but you should stop it to get the best results.

Increase Penis size jelqing

Wet jelqing involves lubricating your penis thoroughly. If your penis gets dry while jelqing it, you should stop and re-apply lubricant. Circle your penis with your index finger and thumb, just as explained in the previous exercise, and move the circle at the bottom of your penis where it connects to the body. Keep your palm facing outward.

The exercise consists of moving your circled hand towards the top of your shaft slowly, without sliding it too much. Repeat this 30 times and apply lubricant if necessary. If your penis gets 100% erect, stop for a while and resume after your penis is semi-erect.

Penis enlargement exercise #6: Dry jelqing

This exercise is very similar to wet jelqing, but in this one you don’t use lubricant at all. However, it is very important that you do warm up before this exercise. The warm up will prepare the penis for the repetitive jelqing motions and it will prevent injuries and pain. Again, aim for 30 repetitions, pause and resume for 2 more sets of 30.


As you can see, there are many things you can do to increase the size of your penis. Remember to always keep it safe and comfortable and have lots of patience. Best of all, pay attention to your own body and penis. If you feel comfortable, you can do these exercises every day or almost every day. You can also measure your penis length and girth once a month to monitor your progress. Also, couple these exercises with natural penis enlargement supplements and you will have a big bulge in your pants sooner than ever. Good luck!


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