Ejaculation – Semen Eruption

Ejaculation – elimination, eruption; synonymous to ejaculation. It’s excretion of semen fluid from urethra during sexual intercourse or other sexual activities substituting it (masturbation, petting, pollution, etc.). It’s a complex reflector process which’s centre is located in spinal cord’s waist area. Besides it, also big part in ejaculation regulation takes para-central lobules of brain.

Ejaculation and orgasm which is closely connected to it, is reached by sharply increasing sexual excitement from stimulation of penis in process of frictions.

Ejaculation may take place also from just kissing and touching a partner, touching her genitals and even when she is just undressing before intercourse.

If during a strong erection to stop frictions in vagina or take penis out of it at all, erection gradually will decrease and ejaculation won’t take place. Many men, feeling that orgasm is approaching but woman is not excited enough, this way extend the length of the sexual act significantly, although with every pause it gets harder and harder for them to hold themselves. Beginning of orgasm coincides with the beginning of ejaculation.

Ejaculation Phases

The process of ejaculation is usually divided in two phases:
During first phase, pushing of the semen out of the parorchis to prostate part of the urethra takes place; At the second phase – takes place the eruption of the mix of different excretions and semen in it into genitals of woman or outside.

At the first phase of ejaculation semen is making pressure on the back part of urethra which gives man a feeling of pleasure. At this particular phase, man can learn how to rule his sexual excitement and hold the upcoming orgasm. When second phase – reflector one – comes, can’t be stopped once it started. This phase is the one which brings the most pleasure. After ejaculation, blood rushes off the penis and erection slowly goes away. The eruption of semen is subtly noticed by women and some get the strongest orgasms at this moment.

Ejaculation abnormalities are number one sexual problems for men. Ejaculation can be early (before sexual intimacy), premature or too quick (when man can’t last intimacy for more than 1 minute) and delayed or troubled, during which sexual intercourse is long, exhausting and might not finish with ejaculation.

Classification of Ejaculation Disorders
Electrotherapy - Treatment of Premature Ejaculation