Orgasm for Men

Orgasm (Greek orgeo – to be on fire from passion) – highest level of pleasure and feelings, which occurs in the end of sexual intercourse or is achieved other way by stimulation of genitals (masturbation, petting, other ways of stimulation or erotic fantasies, etc). In sexology orgasm is explained as complex interaction of different structurally-functional formations (pelvis, spinal, diencephalic, cortical).

Orgasm last for only few seconds and for both, men and women, it takes place at the point of highest sexual excitement. In construction of pleasure feelings for men there work penis, prostate gland (especially during anal act), semen follicles and seminal crests. Sensitivity of each of these organs has very important role, since they are creating an individual features of every person, style and manner of every person during sexual intercourse, intensity and length of orgasm. Once person has had orgasm, he will try to achieve it over and over again.

Affective orgasm takes place when orgasmic feelings are achieved during emotional tension caused not only by positive feelings but also negative ones like hate, disgust, fear, etc. This orgasm is conditioned by passion as well as sexual upbringing.

Before man is having orgasm, he has a pre-orgasmic stage which is a very strong tension of penis and kind of tickling in the urethra area (some man take it as a wish to urinate) which come a few seconds before ejaculation. If in this moment you stop the stimulation of genitals (coitus, masturbation, etc.), excitement slowly decreases and ejaculation doesn’t take place.

Many men, feeling, that women is not excited enough, this way significantly prolong the sexual act (by distracting mentally from sexual actions and feelings), although with each time it gets harder and harder to hold back himself. Although it should be taken into account that with slowing down or stopping of frictions, woman might also have decline of orgasmic tension and in this case man might not achieve an orgasm for her. And finally, pre-orgasm grows into orgasm which is followed by ejaculation. Jerky movements push out the semen and sharp decrease of erection take place.

Sometimes partners might experience a repeated orgasm, but period of refraction for man (lack of sensitiveness from sexual stimulation) has to be short, lasting at least until the middle of relaxation phase. Both for man and for woman orgasm might be accompanied by moans, screams, cries, uncontrolled body movements, biting, pinching, squeezes, and sometimes even dirty language.

The highest peak of orgasm is achieved when it’s reached in the same for man and woman. The best is when man is having his orgasm little bit later than woman does. If person has orgasm disorders, one should turn to sexologist.

How orgasm is coming and how to act yourself during it?

The scientific definition of orgasm is: highest level of pleasure and feelings which occurs in the end of sexual intercourse or is achieved differently by stimulation of genitals. It also can be described as different, state from point of view of its quality, which is occurring at the peak of sexual excitement, which is expressing itself with physical and mental pleasure from sexual intercourse, feeling of satisfaction and sweet tiredness, accompanied with sharp drop of tension at lower part of the stomach.

Normally orgasm for men takes place during ejaculation and lasts as long as ejaculation does – from 5 to 10 seconds (climax) during which he can feel sperm moving through urethra. The strength of orgasm for man in big degree depends from volume of erupting sperm and can decrease in case of many ejaculations.

Orgasm (and ejaculation) for men is divided in two phases: approaching of it (it’s possible to turn attention off it or postpone it with willpower) and very ejaculation (when it is impossible to hold back ejaculation with no means).

Some sexologists recommend enhancing the strength of orgasm by bracing the muscles of urethra and perinaeum for just part of the second, holding the urethra tensed and this way collect all the sperm in one portion and increasing its volume. Though, such procedures during coitus might make a man neurotic and decrease his pleasure feelings and potency. That’s why this technique is not recommended for all men, only for those who have had positive results after trying it out.

After ejaculation man shouldn’t take out his penis out of vagina right away: many women complain on feeling of emptiness in their genitals if penis is taken out too soon. It is better, without interruption of contact, stay like that without moving, or make easy movements, go on with caressing and sweet words until erection goes away or till wish to go on with another coitus raises (although for some men, head of the penis becomes extremely sensitive and contact with it might be painful).

The act of people during orgasm is pretty socialized and depends from upbringing, prejudices, relationships, etc. Men usually are self-controlled so the partner not always knows if he has had ejaculation. Women go through the orgasm much windier: they might moan, laugh, cry, squeeze partner in their arms, bite him or shout out loud. Electro-physiological researches showed that during orgasm for women, electric activity of brain resembles the record of epilepsy attack. Self-control disappears since brain is busy with only thing – orgasm. This fact means that orgasm is the ancient reaction, which we have inherited from times, when functional development of brain was pretty primitive.

(Used materials: Y.P. Prokopenko. “Physiology and pathology of sexual life”.)

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