Why do we need orgasm?

Biological meaning of orgasm is that it is a nature’s present for actions towards continuing of kin and in the same time it stimulates to repeat these actions. Word “orgasm” origins from Greek orgao which means “to be on fire”, “boil”, “swell”. This voluptuous feeling starts at the moment of the end of the intercourse (or other activities substituting it), and, although for men as well as for women, orgasm is very strong emotional experience, from physical point of view, it’s close to sneezing: irritation (excitement) – deep inhale (plateau) – very sneezing (orgasm).

Myths and facts about orgasm

It seems that for men, differently than for women, things are very simple. And if to use comparisons, then orgasm for women is like new, sport Ferrari – bright and powerful, with manual gear shift and assembled for special order, it needs to be treated with care and perfect driving skills. Orgasm for men in its turn is more like, excuse me, tractor – reliable and very easy to lead. But there are some nuances.

Orgasm for man is not as strong as one for woman – true

By physiologists data, at the moment of orgasm women are experiencing much stronger and brighter feelings than men. There are at least two reasons for that. Firstly, for most of the men period between beginning of the erection till ejaculation, is connected with feeling of strong tension, which, if it is not eliminated, can be pretty painful. Something similar women might have too, but only right before final. So for males orgasm is not as much pleasure, as relief. Secondly, if women have their erogenous zones positioned all over the body, then men has them concentrated mostly in genital and buttock area. In one word, even orgasm for men is more local.

It’s easier to reach orgasm for men – true

This is connected to the same location of erogenous spots: for men, they are located very compactly, so if work in more or less right direction sooner or later you’ll achieve your result. Although lately sexologist more and more claim that it’s not connected to physiological but most likely psychological features of the sexes. After all for men orgasm is 80% physiological process, but for women, for the same 80 % it depends from psychological comfort.

Right before orgasm and in process man doesn’t care about his partner – true

Male orgasm is much more egoistic than women one. Pay attention that: even if during foreplay and intercourse man was tender, in last seconds before orgasm he closes his eyes, his movements are more concentrated and he is regulating the temp of movements himself. He is completely focused on himself and his own feelings. Women in their turn are much more considerate towards their partner: in more than half cases, even during orgasm men are worrying if their partner will “catch up” with them.

Most men would like to experience the “female” orgasm – myth

Judging from sexologists’ data, less than a half of men would like to experience the female model of orgasm – and even then, only as an experiment. Others are scared by ephemerality and complexity of achieving the orgasm for their partner and they prefer to enjoy what they have: maybe it’s not as bright as it could be, but at least it’s surely.

Ejaculation and orgasm – the same thing – myth

In most of the cases of course they clash, but they can be separate. If you practice sex few times a day, after four or five acts there also might not be ejaculation: body simply doesn’t manage to generate so much semen fluid. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an orgasm. In the same time, some medical manipulations with prostate gland might trigger the erection, but in the same time there won’t be any pleasant feelings, not even close to orgasm, of course. By the way, let’s remember about tantric sexual methods which suggest a man to avoid ejaculation during orgasm to enhance the feelings. Though, sexologists say that artificial holding of semen in might bring to unpleasant feelings in the lowest part of the stomach.

Right after sex men loose their interest in partner – myth

Men are often accused in insensibility “right after”: all they need is to turn the back on you and fall asleep. That’s actually so, but still in this case accusations in insensitiveness and hard-heartedness are not fair. Man can love you endlessly and be incredibly thankful for pleasure you’ve given – but after orgasm he simply physiologically is not able to any active actions. Even conversations! And especially not ready for immediate repeating of sexual marathon! In average, period of complete relaxation for men lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. But take into account: this all is very individual and every man has different features which may be different from average statistical. Period of relaxation for men can last from few minutes up to few hours. And more: the older man is, the longer time it takes for him to recommence after sex.

Men are not capable of multiple orgasms – myth

For women this ability is showing much stronger. But already in 50-ties British sexologist Dr. Kinsey found out that for 15 to 20 % of men in age range to 25 years, are practically capable of multiple orgasms. Of course there are period of relaxation between orgasms, but it is so short and feebly marked that it is practically unnoticeable. Already in nowadays, scientists in one of the universities in USA researching this issue came to conclusion that some man can experience 5-6 orgasms within half an hour without any relaxation of erection (and it’s far out of the romantic laboratory environment!).

Bad ejaculation – a sign that man is not capable of conceiving – myth

The average volume of ejaculate which is erupted by man during orgasm – from 2 to 5 cubic centimeters. But it can be more or less – depending on for how long man hasn’t had sex, how excited he is, as well as from individual features of his body. But to capability to impregnate this volume of semen doesn’t have any connection. It only depends from concentration of semen in seminal fluid and from it’s quality.

During sex and masturbation man experience the same strong orgasm – myth

Even men themselves sometimes don’t know if orgasm with their partner is stronger than the one they have masturbating. Though sexologists are claiming with certainty: during sex orgasm is stronger! And this is judging by objective features: muscles are contracting stronger and stream of sperm is shooting out in further distance.

During oral sex man have stronger orgasm – true

Beside its not important if we’re talking about just oral sex or combination of oral sex with simple sexual intercourse. In both cases, this kind of stimulation guarantees the strongest feelings for man.

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