Early Ejaculation – Ejaculation Dysfunction

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a sexual dysfunction which is not conditioned by organic dysfunctions or illnesses and expresses as incapability of ejaculation control to a level which is necessary for both partners to achieve satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

It should be pointed out that early ejaculation is not only medical, but also social problem since its presence give men problems with self-assurance and decrease life quality, negatively affect partner and decline sexual relationship and sometimes even bring to breaking apart of the family.

There is no certain definition of premature ejaculation in scientific literature. This is because there is no common view about normal length of copulation circle friction phase.

In 1948 Kinsey wrote: “In average about ¾ of men reach orgasm within first 2 minutes after beginning of intercourse, and big part of them can reach their climax in a first minute or even after 10-20 frictions from moment of insertion of the penis. But sometimes man can be so excited mentally or by physical touches, that ejaculation takes place even before touching genitals”. Have to point out that length of friction phase depend not only on health and physical features of the man, but also from use and skills of intercourse prolongation method, which is done by regulation of frequency and amplitude of copulative frictions.

Usually early ejaculation is interpreted as ejaculation which constantly or periodically occurs before, in the same time or right after insertion of the penis, with minimal sexual stimulation and causes man to be unsatisfied with sexual intercourse.

By data of various authors early ejaculation is considered to be pretty widely known copulative dysfunction and is observed for 30-40% of men.

From practical point of view it’s useful to point out two groups of pathogenetic factors of this phenomenon: early ejaculation caused by changes in structures of central and peripheric nervous system, which are connected to copulative functions.

In appearance of cortical PE big part is given to a number of psychogenetic factors, most often it is fears. Sexologists hold a view that main reason for PE is sexual intercourses in teen years practiced in hurry and nervous tension conditions because of the fear being caught by somebody. The most often offered interpersonal factors are: dissatisfaction with family life, failures in solving of interpersonal conflicts, lack of trust in partner, fear of intimacy and romantic relationships, sexual role conflicts. As data from literature is saying, in most of the cases PE is a result of disorders of nervous system’s regulation on different levels. There is no significant part of PE cases conditioned by functional disorders of under cortical neurotic centers.

There is no proved connection between PE and prostatitis and colliculitis.

About Premature Ejaculation
Premature Ejaculation