About Premature Ejaculation

One of the most often seen disorders in sexopathology is considered premature ejaculation. Accelerated (after 10-15 frictions), very quick (after 2-7 frictions) or ejaculation before even starting sexual contact is seen at almost half of those who have sexual functional disorders. (G. S. Vasilchenko, 1969)

Such disorders are usual in first place for neurotic conditions with hypersthenic neurostenia: it is seen for 36% of patients as isolated symptom and for 59% – in combination with reduced erection (Milmann, 1972).

Mental impotency with increased sexual excitement and premature ejaculation is most common for atypical and depressive states accompanied with fears and anxiety.

It’s known that too careful preparation before intercourse, with erotic fantasies in advance, can in final create kind of “mental copulation” which might happen before the real one has been started; the single first touch of woman might be enough for certain reflex to snap into action.

Various fears which in the end cause phobia of coitus, work as accelerators for reflexive processes of erection and ejaculation.

Growing from failure to failure fixation on accelerated ejaculation (with every time you wait for your failure with mood worse and worse) bring these patients to the state where they only have to think to themselves about possible premature ejaculation, when it actually happens. (Used materials: ItMed.ru)

Premature ejaculation – ejaculation happens before contact. As a rule, ejaculation usually takes place right before insertion, with touch of penis to outer female genitals or with it’s entrance into vagina but also might take place during foreplay or even when touches are not connected with man’s genitals.

Ejaculation might also take place during kisses with partner, when touching her genitals and even when she is just undressing before intercourse. Erection during this might be normal or partial. In some cases ejaculation happens even without erection, that is – before it has even managed to take place.

The term premature ejaculation: is used in cases where ejaculation has occurred after getting into physical contact but before woman has reached orgasm. In such cases ejaculation takes place right after insertion of penis into vagina, after few friction movements or even after 1-2 minutes of frictions, but before woman has had orgasm.

Relativity of this phenomenon is obvious, since premature ejaculation for man when woman has not yet reached orgasm might not be as much a result of disorders he has, but be a result of slowed down and low sexual reaction of woman. Too early is considered ejaculation which takes place 2 minutes after penis is inserted into vagina if partner has not had orgasm during this period of time.

Some authors think that too early can be considered an ejaculation which has happened till 25 friction movements. A try to determine time of normal sexual intercourse has only relative meaning, since length of it depends from speed of sexual reactions for both of partners. Too early is considered ejaculation taking place after 1 minute after beginning of sexual intercourse if woman has not reached orgasm, but in the same time it can be considered normal even if it has happened in 1 minute if women have had orgasm.

The last criteria judging by which ejaculation can be determined as normal or premature, is presence of orgasm for woman and absolute length of intercourse which has to be 2 minutes long.

Masters, Johnson suggested definition according to which premature ejaculation occurs when a man can’t control his ejaculation after insertion of penis during the period of time which is necessary for his partner to get sexual satisfaction at least in 50% of cases. This definition works only for such couples where woman is capable of orgasm and is in favorable conditions.

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