About Premature Ejaculation – Part 2

Premature orgasm for women is seen much rarely and besides it’s not an obstacle for further intercourse, so consequently – doesn’t have clinical meaning.

Tendency to have premature or early ejaculation might be seen as physiological phenomenon for teenagers and young men (sometimes for mature men) which are having their first intercourse or after significant break. Long period of sexual abstinence initiates physiological sexual sensitivity, display of which is this premature ejaculation.

In most of the cases such an increased sensitivity gradually disappears after there have been regular sexual intercourses. It’s also because each ejaculation takes down the level of sexual excitement and if frequency of intercourses is high, then normalization of whole sexual life takes place. Such a dynamics is possible in case when man knows the essence of his disorder and can lead a normal sexual life.

In other cases dynamics can be less favorable and sometimes there might even be secondary neurotic disorders and following complications in sexual life and life in whole. That is connected, in a first place, with lack of possibility to have frequent sexual relationships and lack of according knowledge, which assists to showing up of fears and anxieties.

There are two phases in process of neurotically conditioned premature and early ejaculation.

First phase is connected with increased sexual excitement which is usually present in early ages after longer period of abstinence, in case of very intensive erotically exciting effect of partner or in case of presence of very strong sexual needs but with seldom chance to satisfy them. In all of these cases early or premature ejaculation depend from disproportion between level of sexual excitement and frequency of satisfaction of these sexual needs, that is, they show the influence of too long sexual abstinences between two, following in line, sexual intercourses.

In such situations it is only necessary to set up a regular rhythm of intercourses to regulate your sexual life. You can also use preparations which decrease sexual excitement. In some situations there happens self-regulation if there takes place a reduction of sexual needs and sexual excitement (after 20, these needs slowly and gradually reduce, but after 30 they reduce already much noticeably and not so slowly anymore).

Second phase is connected with neurotic reaction which is adding up to first one. Emotional tension (fear that intercourse will end up with failure again) causes even earlier ejaculation by increasing of tension connected to sexual excitement. Such a state of tension can damage a balance of nervous system and this way destroys the influence of break mechanism of the body which could prevent the appearance of erection. This also stimulates too early ejaculation.

In this phase it’s also common to have attention increasingly focused on genitals and their functions which only stimulates faster ejaculation (as it’s known, if you turn your attention off the intercourse, it helps you to hold back the ejaculation). All this is causing even earlier ejaculation than in first phase. Early and premature ejaculation in this case not only means increased sexual excitement, but also the beginning of second neurotic reaction which adds up to already existent increased sexual excitement.

In these cases full recovery of sexual functions depends not only from creation of balance between sexual excitement and frequency of received sexual satisfaction, but also from presence of mental balance which can be reached with a help of psychotherapy. As a factor causing early and premature ejaculation, which shows as lack of balance of neurotic system, is appearance of these symptoms during exhaustion, mental overwork and disappearance of them after good rest. Neurotic base of early and premature ejaculation appears also as incorrect process of sexual excitement reactions.

Incorrect process of sexual excitement reactions shows as appearance of suddenly increased sexual excitement accompanied by premature ejaculation. In normal conditions arousal comes gradually even in situations when level of whole excitement is very high.

During neurotic premature ejaculation sexual excitement in the beginning starts gradually (although pretty quickly), but then suddenly occurs sudden jump in tension without prior signs as gradually growing excitement which usually comes ahead of ejaculation.

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About Premature Ejaculation