About Premature Ejaculation – Part 4

This is shown by lack of striving to caresses partner, lack of attention to her emotions and willing to give her satisfaction taking off his own sexual tension in the same time, besides he reduces it in a sexual level which is oriented on genital feelings, not on union of two bodies. Schnabl is referring to definition by Schwarz, which say that premature ejaculation has little in common with sexual excitement, but is connected to passionate wish to have this contact and total output to his partner. The author is referring to observations which say that the more excited man is, the longer intercourse is.

This way premature ejaculation can’t be looked at as a consequence of high sexual excitement since it is a result of badly expressed capability to contact with other person.

Though such an explanation refers only to normal conditions and involves only some situations. It can’t be used on all cases since reasons for premature ejaculation can be many factors connected to woman’s influence on man. Those can be “technical” influences (if woman is too moving, who makes too fast and sharp movements with her pelvis and whole body, giving man “mechanic” stimuli especially in critical moment when he has very expressed erection, for example, at the moment of insertion or right after it) or personal (woman can work on man not only “un-calming” but even more, arise in him strong emotional, sexual and non-sexual tension, anxiety, etc. which increase a risk of premature ejaculation).

The essence of control over premature ejaculation points to capability of man to operate his own sexual excitement. But control can never be absolute since it’s impossible to predict actions of the partner. Men usually achieve a control, learning how to control a state of emotional tension they have. This tension is a consequence of genital activity which only increase sexual pleasure and consequence of activity in whole, which is also supporting it.

In nowadays there are still not many studies about issue of control over premature ejaculation, but those which are available – doesn’t give any explanations of this phenomenon. This issue of premature ejaculation stumbles into extra obstacles connected with heterogeneity of pathogenesis of this symptom.

Most of the men who suffer from premature ejaculation from very beginning of their sexual activity, couldn’t control ejaculation, although for some of them this symptom showed up repeatedly, after normal ejaculation control was reached.

Initial form is connected to sexual un-experience, fear from intimacy and underestimation of partner’s wishes or her sexual dysfunctions. Secondary form is connected with devaluation of whole complex of partnership and with conflicts which create fears; besides accumulation of negative experiences increase tension and anxieties.

In our clinic for treatment of premature ejaculation and lengthening of sexual intercourse there are many treatment methods.

Firstly, it’s blockade of lumbosacral rhomb. To do this, lumbosacral rhomb is treated with chloroethylene until characteristic white scab shows, after what, place of blockade is warmed up with hand – until reaction redness shows. Procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a week. There can be done 5 to 14 procedures for course.

Second, it’s cauterization of seminal knob. As solutions for cauterization can be used silver solutions or chlorhexidine bi-gluconate.

Third, it’s so called Necro-hormonotherapy. With this method, there are aggressive solutions hypodermically injected into lumbosacral rhomb, for example “Prozerin 0,05%” or calcium chloride 10,0%. The essence of method is that because of the necrosis of tissues, there starts production of biologically active substances which affecting paracentral lobules give slowing down affect on ejaculation.

And finally, forth method is acupuncture, applied with second breaking method. It gives positive influence on quality of erection and length of the sexual intercourse.

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