Classification of Ejaculation Disorders

– Premature ejaculation

o Primaryo Secondary

– Delayed ejaculation or lack of it

– Anejaculation (the lack of ejaculation)

o Primary (with orgasm or without it)o Secondary

– Retrogradic ejaculation

– Emission disorders

– Aspermy

Classification of premature ejaculation

– Etiologic factors

o Psychogenetico Organico Combination of psychogenetic and organic factors

– Period of occurring (manifestation)

o Primary (initial) – from the start of the sexual lifeo Secondary (acquired) – after a period of normal sexual life

– Consistency

o Constanto Episodic

– Depending from conditions of coitus

o Absoluteo Selective (depending from situation)

– Depending from length of the coitus:

o I level – from 1 to 2 minutes (30-60 frictions)o II level – 30-60 seconds (15-30 frictions)o III level – 15 to 30 seconds (7-15 frictions)o IV level – to 15 seconds (few frictions)o V level – ejaculation before contact

Classification of premature ejaculation symptoms

– Relatively accelerated ejaculation (ejaculation happens before woman has reached it, although from moment when penis was inserted till ejaculation there have been at least 1 minute and number of frictions is at least 20)

– Absolutely accelerated ejaculation (when length of intercourse is less than a minute and number of frictions is less than 20)

– Ejaculacio ante portas (ejaculation takes place during intercourse, but before even inserting penis into vagina)

– Delayed ejaculation (when intercourse is long and sometimes even exhausting)

– Anejaculation (lack of ejaculation during intercourse)


Delayed Ejaculation
Ejaculation - Semen Eruption