Delayed Ejaculation

In some cases delayed ejaculation is not a problem for sex partners and even is good for them, especially from point of view of the woman who needs longer period of time to reach orgasm.

But for some it’s a real problem which might bring a plenty of problems.

There are few basic reasons for delayed ejaculation:

– Effect of alcohol. In small amounts alcohol delays orgasm for a little bit, but regular use of spirits sharply decreases sexual abilities of man.

– Increased frequency of sexual intercourses. The bigger frequency of intercourses in certain period of time is the bigger stimulation and time it takes to achieve the ejaculation.

– Some medications, for example ones for high arterial pressure or psychological disorders also cause delay in ejaculation.

– Increased anxiety, fears of failure, guilt feelings. In this case the help should be looked for at psychiatrist.

– Insufficient or inadequate stimulation, age. In mature ages (after 50) many men need much more intensive and longer stimulation to reach orgasm. To enhance the feelings there can be used different sex toys, for example, anal plugs with vibration which is placed into anus of woman. It makes partner’s vagina to become smaller and vibration will bring new sensations.

Causes of delayed ejaculation might be connected with some illnesses, so it would be recommended to consult with doctor.

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