Pollutions (nocturnal emissions, day emissions)

Pollution (from Latin polluo, pollutum – to profane, soil) – those are involuntary ejaculations, which are not connected to sexual intercourse (coitus) or masturbation (onanism). There can be nocturnal and day emissions.

Nocturnal pollution – it’s normal physiological phenomenon, which is repeating 1 – 2 times a week or less before start of the regular sex life or systematic masturbation practice. Beginning of nocturnal emissions tells about reaching of certain level of sexual maturity. Nocturnal emissions usually occur with erotic dreams which after deep sleep might not be remembered after waking up. Adult men also have them during periods of long abstinence.

In all these cases pollutions work as a substitution (vicarial meaning), causing periodical evacuation of ejaculate and this way preventing form formation of standstill in man genitals. Such a mechanism helps men to avoid heavy expressions of sexual abstinence. Nocturnal emissions can also occur for men who do have regular sexual life, but because of the some reasons it is not as active as their particular sexual needs are, i.e. does not correspond with constitutional needs.

Day emissions occur when man is not sleeping and can be divided into adequate and inadequate. Adequate ones occur under the effect of sexually-erotic excitement, usually from caressing, hugs, kisses. Sometimes such a behavior from woman is not meant to be sexual (for example, accidental touches to any part of the body, handshake, hair-cutting by attractive hair-dresser, etc.).

Adequate day pollutions are necessary to be separated from premature ejaculations ante portas, which take place during intercourse before insertion of the penis. Inadequate day pollutions occur as a result of different non-sexual irritators, for example, during strong emotional reactions, which might be positive as well as negative (worries, guilt feelings, fun, anxiety and fear, anger).

Pollution might also be caused by transport vibration (usually if man is passenger, not driver, that is – he has a passive role), it also can occur during gym workout, looking down from high-level building, etc.

Inadequate day pollutions might be accompanied with erection and orgasm of different level of strength. Such pollutions are pathologic and tell about significant reduction of nervous system exciting threshold which provides ejaculation (for example, with syndrome of paracentral lobules, some nervous system dysfunctions, and inflammatory illnesses of genitals – prostatitis, vesiculitis).

Day pollutions refer to specific symptoms of neurotic states with more or less expressed disorders.

Sometimes day pollutions repeat sharply on same days. There are also possible “Walking pollutions”, which occur under the influence of strong emotional excitement (fear, anger, ultimate impatience, etc) or during ultimate, affectively saturated mind tension with no connection with erotic fantasies.

Pollutions might also occur during strong fear of death, since actually, coitus – it’s continuation of life within genes of offspring, but ejaculation – integral and (especially in this case) most important part of sexual intercourse.

Massive ejaculation often occurs for suicidal patients which are taken off the loop before they have had strangulation. More frequent (daily or on every second day, but sometimes even couple times a night even after coitus) pollutions often combine with significant decrease of erection or orgasm (sometimes even complete lack of it) and complaints about long term tiredness, lack of energy, heaviness of head, “apathy towards work” and bad mood.

Even normal or close to normal pollutions often become a reason for worries and hypochondriac fixation of patients, who have panic fear of “loosing semen” or having some heavy disease which might be causing such a phenomenon. In such cases it’s inevitable to have increased anxiety and even bigger decrease of mood which in it’s turn only stimulate even more frequent pollutions, which make patient to close down in evil circle which is developing down the spiral of psychosomatic disorders. The longer such pathologic pollutions take place, the brighter are neurotic disorders and bigger possibility of stable mental impotency.

With regular and frequent day pollutions it would be recommended to turn to sexologist to find out the reasons and take a special treatment. Any form of pollution should be separated from passive excretion of semen fluid (sperm), sometimes with blood in it.

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