Psychological Aspermatism

Psychological aspermatism is considered to be one of the heaviest sexual function disorders in the clinic of different aetiology’s depressive states, and expresses as a lack of ejaculation and orgasm independently from length of the frictions with full libido and erection, and extremely exhausting intercourse for both partners and coitus, which is not finished.

Strictly psychgenetic nature of asmermatism with relatively selective character of it: it’s occurring during tries to have sexual intercourse with particular woman (due to pretty complicated and full of negative emotions relationships with this particular woman, or women in whole) it may not express in situation with other woman.

Such cases are often for people who have depression conditioned by situation, who need to fill out their “husband’s” duties with wife who is wearisome already for a long period of time and in spite of invincible drawing to other woman. I assume that this phenomenon is also met when person has expressed “anal” character. One of the characteristics common for such people is miserliness.

Ejaculation for Men
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