Premature Ejaculation – Consequence of Egoism

Scientists in USA attempted to standardize premature ejaculation, reports Reuters.

Researches carried out by specialists of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio, showed that men that are suffering from premature ejaculation, it takes place in average 1,8 minutes after beginning of the intercourse. For healthy men this time was 7,3 minutes.

Though Stanley Althof, one of the researchers, point out that besides time index, premature ejaculation is also accompanied by feeling of dissatisfaction, loss of control and tension in relationship. To gather the information scientists handed out more than one and a half thousand stop-watches to men partners and from their research it was determined that around 200 probationers suffered from premature ejaculation, besides, both – the partner and the man felt discomfort accompanying premature ejaculation.

Scientists think that from 20 to 30 percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation, besides only 1 to 12 percent of them turn to get medical help. Results of research are published in Journal of Sexual Medicine; this project is financed by pharmaceutical companies which have submitted the application to FDA to approve a preparation for treatment of premature ejaculation. Also In this work took part specialists from University of Washington in Seattle, University of Minnesota and other scientific institutions. By materials of weekly electronic digest: “Medicine Today”

Practical recommendations

Such a poor result hits even healthy men, though it’s understandable why there are so many frigid women. Of course busy work is taking its toll, as well as overwhelming information in our nowadays lives, though that isn’t insuperable objective to normalize one of the key links not only in family but also social relationships.

Length of intercourse is affected by physical as well as psychological factors. You have to pay attention to them and use them skillfully then ejaculation can occur by your own will even an hour and more after beginning of intercourse.

Main task – it is refusal from egoism. Your objective has to be satisfying your partner in a first place. In this situation orgasm and egoism are put in opposite to one another. We are not talking about foreplay here, since it is very individual and also very important.

Physical factors. Tension of various groups of leg muscles might bring to extension of intercourse as well as to acceleration of ejaculation. Contraction of the muscles of front part of the leg delays ejaculation. This contraction is done when pulling your toes up and straightening the knee, especially effective is pulling of toes up more. Though bending the knee and straightening of feet and toes in length does the opposite – speeds up the ejaculation (stretching of toes happens when gastrocnemius muscles are contracting, for example, when you stand up on your toes like ballet dancer). Effect depends from strength of the muscle contractions.

If you feel that ejaculation is approaching, you have to stop and wait for few seconds so that feeling would fade away a little bit. In advance you also should empty your urinary bladder.

Psychological factors. To use tem, there are necessary at least some skills of guiding of your attention. Very important is a positive attitude, you have to drop all the negative thoughts and focus on good and pleasant since it affects not only ejaculation but also erection.

During intercourse your attention doesn’t have to be in genital area. Focus on something else which gives you pleasant emotions. Bringing your thoughts back to that will drive you closer to ejaculation.

If you wish you can get some additional information from Kama Sutra. Although if you will skillfully use before mentioned advices, that should be enough not to “waste your bullets” and “shoot right into bulls eye”.

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