Control Over Ejaculation

When it is too fast?

Only twenty years ago such a term as “premature ejaculation” (PE) had completely defined parameters: everything that lasted less than 2 minutes made you “a man with sexual problems”. A while later attitude towards PE changed a little bit – you can consider having it only when man in 50% of cases can’t control process of ejaculation in order to make it with his penis into vagina long enough to satisfy the partner.

Nowadays it’s not necessary anymore to peek into watch or count number of frictions (movements of penis) made; or figure out how many times you have to satisfy your partner to make it 50% of all sexual intercourse cases with her. The fact is that now there are no any time limits for “normal” sexual intercourse. If your partner got excited enough during foreplay then possibly for her it will take only two or three frictions to “get high”. If not, then it will take for her much more time. All the problem lead to one – is a man capable of meaning control of his ejaculation to the moment when he wants it.

Ejaculation control in antique times

Taoistic technique. In ancient China “tao” studies of love masters (“tao” or “dao” – a way) maintained that every man who is not capable to satisfy his woman can learn this. More than two thousand years ago Taoistic healers already were writing books in which they openly discussed love and sex. In these works sexual intercourses were looked at as necessary requirement for physical and mental health of the person. Special stress was put on love technique, bringing it up to the level of art. Besides in this the biggest role was given to the ability to control ejaculation, by which there can be explained such a big amount of study materials for “young men starting their sexual life” which covered this side of the issue.

According to “Tao” study man belongs to “yang” beginnig, which’s particularity is quick and easy excitement which fades away the same quickly. Woman in its turn belongs to “yin” beginning – she turns on slowly and also slowly satisfies. In other words, man and woman need different timings to get excited as well as to reach orgasm. And the task is to even them out as much as possible and in ideal situation – achieve a sinchronization of these times. Here are few basic advices from book of Woo Syan for beginners:

Beginner should start his studies with not too attractive woman, who’s “nephritic gates” (entrance into vagina) are not too narrow. If she is not too attractive, then he won’t loose his head, but wide “nephritic gates” won’t let him to over excite.

1. Beginner should first learn about technique of three shallow and one deep penetration and make the number of frictions in one approach to 81. If his excitement grows stronger then it is necessary to stop movements right away and take out “nephritic spear” (penis), so that in “nephritic gates” there would stay only 2-3 centimeters of it. After excitement will come back to normal, he has to go on with frictions, doing again 3 shallow penetrations after one deep one.

2. Then you can learn a technique of 5 shallow and one deep penetration.

3. Finally, you should move to 9 shallow and one deep friction.

4. While learning methods of control over premature ejaculation it’s necessary to be patient and persistant.

“Tao” about signs of sexual satisfaction

Ancient Chinese people thought that there are five “signals” showing that woman is satisfied, besides they most likely were following by consultations of His highness Emperor Huan Di (?) and his chief advisor Syu Nyu:

1. Woman’s face is filled with blood, it’s blushing and her ears re hot;

2. Her nose is covered with drops of sweat, nipples get hard;

3. her voice gets lower and words sound as she has dry throat;

4. Her “nephritic gates” become wet and every movement of “nephritic horse” make her “juice” to flow out;

5. She is hugging his waist with petals of golden lotus (legs), but with arms – neck and shoulders. The tip of the tongue shows between teeth.

All this say that man now has to get in deeper which will bring her complete satisfaction.

Expert advises Nr. 1

Besides worries about penis size, premature ejaculation is problem number one amongst men, and as a rule, failures connected with PE are projected after on all the sexual life. “I finish too fast; she is ready to kill me! Everything ends up sadly – after that, I feel myself completely lonely. I m not normal, simply – I’m not a man”. Sometimes PE happens only because man is afraid of it. Statistics say though that actual sexual contact is approximately not longer than 2 minutes. But still, this time – is very individual thing. We are simply too focused on this aspect of sexual relationships. It is considered that as longer man is able to go “back and forth” the better his qualities are as lover. That’s why many young men come to desperation after results of their sexual intercourses from their very beginning. But the truth is that they become the enemies for themselves. They are victims of myth which travels from generation to generation, from one man to another, and with this their suffering doesn’t grow smaller than humiliation they experience during actual intimacy with woman.

Expert advises Nr. 2

Premature ejaculation – it’s a problem which every man will face in their life. Besides of that, it is a problem which is hard to solve. One of the reasons why it shows up for young men is because they masturbate too quickly willing to achieve the wanted result as soon as possible. They almost don’t pay any attention to emotions prior to ejaculation and that’s exactly why there occur problem connected to PE. Unfortunately they didn’t bother to notice feelings (their as well as his partner’s) before orgasm. Best advice I could give to such a couple is – reduce the importance of very sexual process in your life. “Stop-start” technique will help them to find out about senses and feelings both partners have prior to orgasm. The meaning of it is to bring man so close to ejaculation as it is possible, but not to step over the line which divides highest point of excitement and ejaculation. Young men who will be forced to discover this all new finally will learn how to do it and their prize will be feeling of total satisfaction.

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