Scientists Managed to Delay Orgasm

By Reuters data, American scientists managed to develop preparation to fight against premature ejaculation.

This preparation delays ejaculation by affecting a transportation of serotonin. Clinic researches has shown that period of time before ejaculation has expanded for 3-4 times comparing to control group. Dr. John Pryor who was leading research, who is head of the Department of Urological Surgery at the University of Minnesota, pointed out that premature ejaculation – it’s a problem which covers 10 to 30 percent of men, and preparation which is made to treat it has very high efficiency with minimum of side effects.

This medication has to be taken 1-3 hours before upcoming intercourse. Besides, it also boosts sexual pleasure – 26.4% of men in experimental group reported that. Creators of this preparation are hoping to repeat the success of developers, taking into account that premature ejaculation – more often observed disorder than erectile dysfunction. At this moment application for approval of this preparation is sent to Food and Drug Administration of USA.

Before, the same group of scientists, announced about attempt to standardize premature ejaculation. Conducted measurements showed that men who have premature ejaculation, it happens in about 1.8 minutes from beginning of sexual intercourse. For healthy men this time was 7.3 minutes.

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