Phytotherapy – Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

1. Cinnamon rose hips – 3 parts

  • Angelica (root) – 2 parts
  • Rocket-cress (herb) – 1 part
  • Platanthera (root) – 2 parts

2. Quinquelobate motherwort (herb) – 2 parts

  • Yarrow (herb) – 2 parts
  • Peppermint (leaves) – 1 part
  • Common origanum (herb) – 1 part

3. Cinnamon rose hips – 2 parts

  • Buckbean (leaves) – 1 part
  • Calendula (flowers) – 1 part
  • Quinquelobate motherwort (herb) – 2 parts

Preparation of herb mixes: pour a 1 liter of boiling water over 2 table spoons of crushed in advance (in coffee grinder or mincing machine) herb mix, bring to boil, keep it like that on low fire for 10 minutes in closed dish, pour it into thermos after with all the herbs and leave for night to infuse. It has to be taken three times a day, 100-150 ml each time 30 minutes before eating. To enhance the taste you can add honey, sugar, jam. Treatment course is 3-4 months long after which there has to be made break for 10-14 days, change the herb mix and go on with treatment. Even if there are improvements, phytotherapy has to be continued at least for 12 months. After that these herbs should be taken preventatively – in autumn and spring for 2 months.

These herb mixes can be taken in combination with other medications.

Improvement during phytotherapy usually shows up in about 2-3 weeks of regular herb taking. Though, stable effect might be only reached with long term use of herbs (8 to 12 months). Before taking one or another herb mix you should find out about contra-indications of any of the herbs in that mix.

  • Orchis (root powder) – 1 table spoon
  • Mumijo – 0.2 g of honey – 1 table spoon
  • Pomegranate (juice) – 1 table spoon
  • Plum (juice) – 1 table spoon
  • Dry grape wine – 100 ml
  • Water (boiling) – 1 glass

Preparation: pour 1 table spoon of orchis into glass of boiling water and stir for a while until thick mucus has formed. Add mumijo into hot wine, honey, pomegranate and plum juices. These two mixes are put together and stirred until even consistency. It has to be taken ½ a glass 2 times a day at whole body exhaustion.

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