Electrotherapy – Treatment of Premature Ejaculation

Electro stimulation (electrotherapy) of penis with a help of Erec-Fit device is used in treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotency) conditioned by venous drainage (venous leak). At this kind of erectile dysfunction there are observed insufficient “blocking” mechanism, which would prevent from blood flow back from penis during erection. There is enough blood for cavernous bodies, though erection quickly reduces due to quick flow back of blood through veins.

Second indication to use electro stimulation of penis with a help of Erec-Fit is premature ejaculation, i.e. condition at which sexual intercourse ends already after few frictions, literally after few seconds.

Erec-Fit is a small device with electrodes. During treatment session electrodes are placed on penis. With a help of handles there are regime of stimulation put on after what, treatment is begun.

Electro stimulation doesn’t cause erection. Alternating electric power stimulates muscle cells of cavernous bodies. Treatment is carried out in sessions, during which muscle cells are being “trained”. After few weeks of treatment usually is observed improvement of erection.

Unlike to many other methods of treatment, including surgical one, treatment with Erec-Fit doesn’t have any side effects.

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