Paracentral Lobules Syndrome

The basis of paracentral lobules syndrome is damage of higher cortical centers of urogenital sphere’s regulation.

In most of the cases causes of it are embryotrophic factors during antenatal period or trauma during labor, less often this syndrome shows after traumas with certain localization for adult men.


It’s lowering of thresholds of spinal automatisms and urination as a result of weakening of binding efficiency of cortical centers. In few cases – it’s active stimulation from paracentral lobules (equivalent to epileptic ones).

Symptoms, process

Typical are enuresis and pollakiuria (frequent urination, more than 6 times a day), early signs of sexopathologic symptoms (very first ejaculations arrive few years earlier than it should be by constitutional parameters, premature ejaculation from very start of the sexual life which is not possible to delay even with many intercourses in a short period of time), neuralgic symptoms, which tells about localization of damaged spot in paracentral lobules (signs of selective drawing in of pyramidal innervation of distant parts of legs in a way of widening of reflexogenic zones of Achilles’ reflexes, foot clonuses, symptoms of Babinski’s and Rossolimo’s phenomenon and their analogs, selective lowering of foot reflexes, anisocoria, symptoms of oral automatism, etc.).

A married couple which doesn’t have any sex life on a side can figure out the medium length of their intercourse from personal experience, and they can consider that they have not any problems in sexual life. In such cases with years there show up spontaneous lengthening of intercourse which in time gets close to average statistic one. But if you fixate on genitals with elements of sexual trauma, there might reactive neurotization occur, which might bring to poor erection and lowered libido.


In its beginning stage its treatment with chloroethylene blockades of lumbosacral part in a shape of rhomb with field of 60-80 sq. cm is very effective. This part is located in a line connecting both cristae iliacae. Skin is sprayed with chloroethylene until white scab of intradermal thickening shows up, after what frozen spot is warmed with palms until pale has turned into redness. Procedure is repeated 5-8 times with interval of 2-3 days. In case of not so successful results after one month break the second course of blockades is performed with taking 1-3 pills of thioredoxin 2 hours before procedure.

Prognosis – in most of the cases it’s favorable.

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